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He raised his head to the skies and saw millions of stars and a lonely swallow flying and then leaning in his garden.


He went closer and closer,

But when he tried to caress her, she  vanished.


In a broken mirror the images of the silent skies flowed

and the man who waited for the swallow

collected the fragments of this sky and

unaware of the fate that was happening to him, left his weapons to wait for the beautiful swallow.


He is alive he is alive, the angels whispered to him, he is alive he is  alive, ...


But when he turned back he woke up in hell and stayed there for years and years condemned by the lie of the angels.


To the other damned souls he tried 

to tell the story of the starry skies but  nothing said of the swallow in his garden.


The souls flowed one by one and 

one by one they engraved the  body of the man with the fragments of the mirror

Each with a letter of the alphabet.


On a winter night, the man woke up in front of the door of his house,  he dyed his body with snow and embraced the silence.


On his body were read the words - hell has no eternity-


He went to the window to admire the  skies of Mexico


He prepared a blanket


And he broke in tears when he saw the beautiful swallow alighting in his garden.

Text and contemporary art are a recent interest to Cristina

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